Sell SARMs S-23 oral suspension 25mg/ml

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Southern - Agaliya

Sell SARMs S-23 oral suspension 25mg/ml
Sell sarms s-23 oral suspension 25mg/ml « Health - beauty - fitness « Service « Services (free) « Home

Price : USD 1

Ad ID : xMcytjj

Published on : 10 January 2019
Ad Type : I am offering
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State : Southern
City : Agaliya
Postal Code : site: www.sterileroidspharma.c
Street : Contact Us website:https://sterileroidspharma.com/ email: sper@bulkraws.com whatsapp: +8613302972905 skype: BulkRaws.Cycles
Phone : +8613302972905
Fax : +8613302972905
Website : https://sterileroidspharma.com/
Email Us : sper@bulkraws.com
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Order S-23 Oral  Raw Powder from  sper@bulkraws.com


Contact Us


email: sper@bulkraws.com

whatsapp: +8613302972905

skype: BulkRaws.Cycles

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What is SARMs S-23?

S-23 is an modern selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) with the added interest in its potential for male hormonal contraceptive. It binds to the androgen receptor more strongly than older compounds such as Andarine with a Ki of 1.7nM, and in animal studies it showed both a good ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects, and dose-dependent suppression of spermatogenesis with spontaneous recovery after cessation of research.


What are the dosages of SARMs S-23 powder?

S-23 is new to the market, and no recommendation for dose is available. Data shows that a dose of 0.3 mg S23 [human equivalent: 15 mg] leads to an increase in muscle mass, but that the prostate dimensions decreased. But there is no official doses for S23 yet. We will update the dosing information when it is available.




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